Bad Weather: The MN Way

Part of this whole #MNinMarch campaign is to help myself (and hopefully by proxy others) cope with the inconsistency of the last month of winter/first month of spring. This week’s beer choice is 100% dedicated to how we are all feeling about the snow forecast for Thursday. It hails from none other than Bad Weather Brewing Company.

Bad Weather is fairly new to the Twin Cities taproom scene, with theirs opening just last year, although they have been brewing since 2013. I am particularly partial to their taproom because it is wide open, has a TON of natural light (which others cannot always boast), and is the closest to home (Viva St. Paul!). The building that houses it used to be a garage, so it’s definitely got that familiar industrial feel that a lot of taprooms are capitalizing on – complete with garage doors! It also features some signature Bad Weather art, and throwback video games. Did I mention it’s also kid friendly?


Since the taproom opened up, I’ve been exposed to a lot more of their beers. Pre-taproom, Windvane Red IPA was my only claim-to-taste. Now, while its a great flagship beer, I’ve really enjoyed some of the others that I’ve gotten to sample. They have been turning out some really interesting limited releases lately (like their Microburst Series Double IPA or the Cauld Weather Wee Heavy to name a couple), but I’ve come to love one of their winter seasonals the most. Perfect for a weather week like this one, I couldn’t help but feature their OMINOUS – Double Brown Ale.


First things first, take a sip straightaway, then let this one warm up a bit before enjoying it to its fullest potential. The chill gives it a more hoppy flavor, but if you let it rise a little closer to room-temp, you really get a feel for all the different things this beer can do. Hints of figs, toffee, caramel, and raisin give this 7.5% ABV brown ale a roasty taste with a very smooth finish. Perfect for when it snows right after it’s been almost 70 degrees…

But… sadly I lead you astray. Because it’s a winter seasonal, there is none to be had at the taproom. You may still be able to find it lurking in your local liquor store, but it won’t be there much longer.

That said, last I looked the taproom DID have a couple of interesting iterations of this one that would likely be worth checking out: a sour Ominous and a coffee Ominous. Both were part of their Climate Change series. I’m dying to try these, so odds are good you’ll see me back at Bad Weather soon! Plus, if the weather changes its mind again I can finally get to trying one of their raddlers I’ve been eyeing!