Über Düber Tües

This week’s Tuesday beer feature comes from Bauhaus Brew Labs. This is a taproom that’s been around for a couple of years, but seems to be gaining some traction as the MN Beer movement keeps picking up momentum.

As a taproom/brewery, Bauhaus has a lot to offer. While finding the place can be a bit tricky as a newbie, once you find the right turn down the alley you’ll be surprised at just how gigantic the place is. Not to mention, they have a huge parking lot which is always a bonus.


Inside the space is clean, industrial, and every bit as hipstery as one would expect. It’s one of the few taprooms that can accommodate large groups, so if you have a hoard of beer fans looking for a place to imbibe, this is an excellent option. That said, if it’s summer, and you don’t opt for a picnic table on the patio, you’re a silly  sausage indeed.


In terms of Bauhaus’ beer, you can definitely taste that they are all from the same family. I’ve read quite a few reviews who describe their flavors as fairly bland (Josh’s opinion agrees here), but I think the word I would choose is “simple”… and I actually like that. Sometimes, a solid, well-produced German-style ale is all a girl needs. I am definitely not always in the mood for a huge array of flavors tap dancing on my tongue. Sometimes, I just want something to quench my thirst and taste refreshing. On that front, Bauhaus definitely delivers.

Once in a while (read: yearly) they produce a limited release winter seasonal: the Über Düber. 2016’s is the Über Düber Imperial Sparkling Ale.


Josh and I were convinced to pick up a bottle (or 3…) by the Bauhaus rep who was offering tasty tastings at our local liquor store. Sadly I can’t remember his name, but he was awesome! If you’re wondering what the heck is an Imperial Sparkling Ale, don’t worry! He answered that very same question for me: Sparkling Ales actually originate from Australia. Due to limited supply of what we would consider to be traditional brewing ingredients at the time, and a warm climate that made consumers thirsty for refreshing suds, this beer is made from local hops that give the beer it’s sparkly characteristic.

Taste-wise, it’s got consistent, light and malty notes with a reasonably dry finish. It’s a very easy drinker and hardly seems like it packs the 8.00% ABV punch the label claims. AKA: watch out! It’s dangerously delicious!

Sound up your alley? Better B-line to your local booze station. As a limited release, you’ve got a limited window to enjoy this sucker!