Spritz it up Buttercup

Great cocktails should be like the best kinds of friendships: Simple and rewarding. This week, I had a quick happy hour with a friend I haven’t seen in entirely too long. She’s moved into a trendy loft in downtown Minneapolis, so naturally I had to check out the digs.

In addition to her sweet taste in abodes, she’s got one of the best snack arsenals I’ve ever seen including Indian “chex mix”, jalapeno cashews, goat cheese, fig jam, and spicy dark chocolate. Is your mouth watering yet? It gets better.

She also introduced me to an amazing and LOCAL all-natural soda called JOIA. We all know how I feel about local things, so I was pretty excited by this find. We had two flavors: Blackberry-pomegranate-ginger, and grapefruit-chamomile-cardamom. They were both outstanding, but I think I liked the grapefruit flavor a teensy bit more. The best part about these sodas? They make the BEST mixers. Seriously, the flavor combinations are tailor made to make it feel like you’re drinking a really high-end cocktail that’s been handcrafted by some super-bartender in a secret speakeasy. Case in point, what I’m calling the Grapefruit JOIA Spritz:



  • 2 oz Hendrick’s gin
  • 4 oz Grapefruit-chamomile-cardamom JOIA soda
  • Ice

Combine in glass, stir, enjoy.

Try it and let me know what you think! Also – what are YOUR favorite flavors of JOIA? I seriously need to try more of these.