Holiday Fizz

Lately I’ve been craving really light and refreshing drinks. Afterall, who says all holiday cocktails have to be heavy or warm? Not me!

This week I’m combining my favorite spirit with a staple at the Thanksgiving dinner table: cranberries. The result: A Cranberry Gin Fizz!

Added bonus? A sneak peek at one of my exclusive holiday designs! I call this one the Northwoods Cabin. (Currently only available at my in-person holiday events.)



2 oz gin
1.5 oz cranberry juice
1 oz triple sec
Cranberries for garnish

Combine gin, cranberry juice, and triple sec in a glass with ice. Stir. Then top with prosecco until the glass is full. Garnish with cranberries and enjoy!

Hosting tip: Not everyone is a fan of the gin (crazy I know!), so I bet if you made this with vodka it would also be tasty!