Hail Mary!

Well sports fans, today marks the beginning of the NFL’s 2015/2016 season and I could not be more excited! You see, football is my fan-cheering-sport of choice. While it may be repeated bouts of heart break, I’m a hometown girl and root for the Vikings with absolutely no fair-weather tendencies. SKOL!!!

Therefore, in anticipation of the season, I am sharing with you one of my favorite football drinks. Even though the season kicks off on a Thursday night, and the Vikings have this week’s Monday night game, I can’t NOT think of football and a Bloody Mary because at some point – they WILL play on Sunday!



  • 6 oz Charleston Bold and Spicy Bloody Mary Mix
  • 3 oz Norseman vodka
  • Garnishings of your choosing
    (I opted for sharp cheddar cheese, salami, a pickle, celery and a cocktail onion)

Pour in vodka. Pour in mix. Add fixin’s. Watch football.

Let’s be real… time outs are only 1 minute and 50 seconds. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for craft cocktailing or measuring out perfect portions! This is a perfect pour-and-go drink that’s just right for any given Sunday (see what I did there?).

The secret that makes this one better than all the others? The mix. Seriously you guys I have never had a mix as good as the Charleston Bold and Spicy, and honestly all you need to add is vodka and a skewer smorgasboard, and it’s pure perfection. The thing that makes this mix better than most other bottled mixes is the perfect balance of spice, heartiness and a little mellowness for depth. Taste it and tell me if you don’t agree.

BUT! I can’t be repping Panther country without feeling guilty. That is why the Sunday vodka of choice between now and January will be exclusively Norseman! It’s a small batch, hometown distillery straight out of Northeast Minneapolis, and it’s hand-crafted vodkas and gins are absolutely dynamite. In fact, Norseman has supplanted my long-running local favorite Prairie Vodka as my Twin Cities top shelf of choice. The best part about Norseman? Scott Ervin, Norseman’s master distiller, sources all of his own grains and oversees every single step of the distillation process. That’s how you know you’re getting a very high quality vodka that’s incredibly fresh and even more delicious. GET SOME.

Now, time to go bust out that jersey!