Maybe it’s Mayme

This week’s cocktail comes with a bit of unintentional history! I admittedly was just searching for scotch recipes because that one hasn’t made it in the rotation in a while… and I stumbled upon one with my name in the title! Naturally, I was curious and when I read the ingredients list, I was sold!

This drink, though spelled differently for mysterious reasons we may never know, is named after Mayme Taylor who was apparently a Broadway actress around the year 1900… but here’s the best part: You can’t find ANY information about her on the internet. If you Google her, you get the drink. The only helpful info I could find was this Wall Street Journal Article, which is coincidentally also about the drink. So really, it’s less of a history lesson and more of a legacy lesson, but hey! Now you know who Mayme Taylor was, and according to history, you will more importantly learn how tasty her drink was! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my version of the Mamie Taylor:



Fill a glass with ice, and add all ingredients in the order they are listed. You should end up topping off your dink with the ginger beer, so just use as much as is needed to fill up the glass. Give it a gentle stir and garnish with a piece of candied ginger.

This very well might be my favorite out of the more recent cocktails I’ve tried, so go and make one and tell me what YOU think!!!