My Sweet Irish Squeeze

First off, let me admit that I have absolutely NO idea if I have any Irish heritage in me or not (my family tree is missing quite a few branches). Nonetheless, like many enthusiasts and/or phonies in the month of March, I like to assume that I DO in fact have some sort of family tie to the Emerald Isle.  That is why, for the next couple of weeks you will see a bit of a St. Paddy’s theme to the recipes I’ll be sharing. Added plus? None of them will involve any green food coloring!!

First up, is the Shamrock Squeeze! Now really, this is just a take on your standard Midori & Ginger Ale, but what fun is a green cocktail in March without a gimmicky name?! None!

For this version, I’ve added quite a bit more lime juice to the recipe so tame down the candy-sweetness of the Midori. It comes off a bit more tart thanks to the citrus juice, and I am a-okay with that!


1 part Midori
2 parts Ginger Ale
2 parts lime juice
Lime wedge(s) for garnish or added flavor

The drink is still on the high level of the sweet spectrum, so if that’s not really your jam, I’d suggest substituting the ginger ale for ginger beer. I actually think that’s something I will try next time around just for kicks because… yum! In the photo, I’ve served it up in my Chicago Skyline Glasses because we all know Chi-Town knows how to throw a killer St. Paddy’s party!

I also thought I’d get all fancy with my garnish and make it a shamrock to fit the theme of the drink. Here’s the secret: it’s really easy to do! All I did was peel some of the rind and cut my design out using an exacto knife which means the possibilities are endless! Lemons, oranges, stars, hearts, you name it! (And now I sound like a Lucky Charms commercial… oy)


As always, let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear how you would make or enjoy this one! What are your favorite green drinks??